A large photographic image, like a painting, lifts the mood in a room. An image of countryside induces a quietness, a sense of calm and relaxation to the room and it's occupants reducing stress. The aesthetic qualities are a very personal and emotional decision and part of the interior design process, but will set the tone and mood of the room, livening it up. A standard print at 68 inch wide may at first glance seem enormous, in reality it equates to the width of an average double bed or a two seat sofa; in fact the right size for an average living room wall.

Corporate Art is a natural extension of a company’s image, professionalism and prestige. An eleven foot print is a bold, instant communication of those values to visitors; enhancing client confidence in the company and employee pride. David Osborn has spent over 20 years working for some of the world's largest companies as a corporate photographer and has a unique understanding of the corporate environment. Combining this insight with a love of Old Master paintings, he now creates stunning large scale and limited edition landscapes as corporate and residential art.

I have created a new and seperate web site for my new and best Black and White images too date. The NEW web site will eventually replace this web site for landscape work with a NEW email address. I ask you to make a note of the new site during the transition. The web site is called Graphite Edition, in a Wordpress form, much more modern and monitor freindly. I hope you enjoy the new work and look for new additions as they are added. (Click image right to directly go to


NEW: GRAPHITE EDITION Web Site, launched July 2014.
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