A large photographic image, like a painting, lifts the mood in a room. An image of countryside induces a quietness, a sense of calm and relaxation to the room and it's occupants reducing stress. The aesthetic qualities are a very personal and emotional decision and part of the interior design process, but will set the tone and mood of the room, livening it up. A standard print at 68 inch wide may at first glance seem enormous, in reality it equates to the width of an average double bed or a two seat sofa; in fact the right size for an average living room wall.

Corporate Art is a natural extension of a company’s image, professionalism and prestige. An eleven foot print is a bold, instant communication of those values to visitors; enhancing client confidence in the company and employee pride. David Osborn has spent over 20 years working for some of the world's largest companies as a corporate photographer and has a unique understanding of the corporate environment. Combining this insight with a love of Old Master paintings, he now creates stunning large scale and limited edition landscapes as corporate and residential art.

Innovation requires vision: The vision was to create the most beautiful prints and on the largest scale. A print hung on a wall, will shrink in relation to its surrounding space. To dominate the space, the print needs to be large. Quality can never be sacrificed over size. To retain quality, the solution and the innovation lay in technology by combining the world’s best technologies; the world's highest resolution digital camera with the world’s highest resolution digital printer, plus thirty years of photographic and printing experience. (Click image right for more information).


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